Pi Network

First of all, you need to understand what mining is. Bitcoin mining is the data processing and maintenance of the BTC blockchain network. BTC blockchain daily pays network commission to miners, who support and maintain the network. This commission is ensured due to blockchain technology. Anyone can become a part of the network and mine BTC – you would just need special equipment to process big volumes of data. But everone can mine with PI. PI currency is not a scam. It is a cryptocurrency or digital currency developed by a group of Standford PhDs . It is first digital currency which you can mine using your mobile phone and its still free. Once it reaches its beta stage you will be able to buy or sell PI currency Just download the App and fill in livenetwork to join our pool its FREE use it or loose it ►►►https://minepi.com/livenetwork

Ever heard of Utopia-network? It is a free P2P eco system it comes with a lot features also games.You can mine Cryptons CRP. in this ecosystem. You can setup a linux machine with VMware to mine CRP and play poker with it ►► https://www.utopia-network.com/

network services

Schatzoekers Mining Team

Schatzoekers Services has a team of highly skilled engineers covering the following fields of work.

Network Management Systems Engineering and calculation Network systems and CyberSecurity

After sales service and support Delivery of OEM spareparts.

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